Satellite Phone Sales & Rentals

International supplier of satellite phones since 2007, Ashbury SatCom operates South Africa’s leading web shop for Iridium and Inmarsat satellite phone sales and rentals, with advanced online ordering, account management, and monitoring features unmatched by any other satellite phone retailer.

World-class e-commerce facilities makes it very easy to place and keep track of your orders, eliminating the need for any unnecessary back and forth. Feel confident that your orders are processed accurately and efficiently with automated notifications as your orders progress through our fulfillment processes.

Our online systems provide an overview of all your orders, allows you to download invoices, and manage your subscriptions. We also have monitoring facilities where you can see all your satellite phones, verify that your airtime has been loaded, keep an eye on airtime levels, and download call records.

Rent a Satellite Phone

Here you can rent an Inmarsat iSatPhone 2 satellite phone which, in addition to voice calls and text messaging features, has GPS position reporting, an IP65 ruggedness rating, and the ability to receive calls with the antenna stowed away. Inmarsat phones work anywhere around the globe (excluding the polar regions).

Our satellite phone rentals are dispatched from Cape Town and, subject to stock availability, we can offer an overnight delivery service to almost anywhere in South Africa. To ensure availability, try to place the order for your rental at least 14 days before your rental start date.

For added convenience our satphone rentals are supplied with free return waybills so that you can simply phone our couriers to come and collect your satellite rental phone when you’re done with it.

 Buy Satellite Phones

These are satellite phones for outright purchase with or without Pay As You Go prepaid minutes. The Iridium phones work anywhere worldwide, whereas the Inmarsat phones work anywhere except the polar regions. Orders for purchase of satellite phones are dispatched from our distribution centre in Cape Town. 

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Buy Satellite WiFi Hotspots

Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspots enable Windows, Apple & Android devices with satellite internet and satellite voice calling abilities, via the use of specialised apps. Note that the Iridium GO is a narrowband device (very slow internet) whereas the Inmarsat Satellite WiFi HotSpots provides much faster internet. However the Inmarsat Satellite WiFi HotSpots only works on land while the Iridium GO works anywhere at land, sea or air. 

Prepaid Satellite Phone Airtime

Here you can top-up Iridium and Inmarsat SIM cards that were supplied by Ashbury SatCom. Note that we can only recharge SIM cards supplied by ourselves, so if we did not supply your SIM card, be sure to add one to your order. 

Satellite Phone SIM Cards

Here you can order a new SIM card for the various satellite phones that are on the market today.

Note that Inmarsat SIM cards from Ashbury never die, so even if it is long after the expiry of your Inmarsat airtime on our SIM card, you can easily revive it by simply doing a top-up elsewhere in our web shop. Iridium SIM cards die 270 days after the expiry of your previous airtime. 

The lead time for delivery is 1-2 days.

Satellite Phone Airtime Contracts

We offer managed airtime contract subscriptions for all Iridium and Inmarsat phones, all of which come with our world-class online management and monitoring features. Simply sign up for your contract and we carry on billing your card on a monthly basis.

Any Inmarsat SIM card supplied by ourselves can easily be reactivated with one of our contract subscriptions – even if it has been deactivated before. However you will always need a new Iridium contract SIM card to start using our Iridium contract subscriptions. 

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