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International supplier of satellite phones and South Africa’s pioneering web shop for satellite phone rentals, SIM cards, and airtime for Iridium and Inmarsat satellite phones.


Rent a Satellite Phone

Here you can rent the latest model Inmarsat iSatPhone 2 satellite phone which offers superior signal performance, ease of use, long battery life, and GPS with automated tracking features. The Inmarsat satellite phones will work anywhere around the globe except the polar regions. Our rental phones are dispatched from our distribution centre in Midrand and we recommend you allow at least 5 days for delivery in case of unforeseen delays with the likes of DHL. 


 Buy Satellite Phones

These are satellite phones for outright purchase with or without PAYG/prepaid minutes. The Iridium phones work anywhere worldwide whereas the Inmarsat phones work anywhere except the polar regions. Note that If you rent a phone from us it will be dispatched from Midrand, but if you buy we’ll have it sent to you directly from our suppliers in Europe.


Buy Satellite WiFi Hotspots

Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspots enable Windows, Apple & Android devices with satellite internet and satellite voice calling abilities, via the use of specialised apps. Note that the Iridium GO is a narrowband device (very slow internet) whereas the Inmarsat Satellite WiFi HotSpots provides much faster internet. However the Inmarsat Satellite WiFi HotSpots only works on land while the Iridium GO works anywhere at land, sea or air. 


Prepaid Satellite Phone Airtime

Here you can top-up Iridium and Inmarsat SIM cards that were supplied by Ashbury SatCom. Note that we can only recharge SIM cards supplied by ourselves, so if we did not supply your SIM card be sure to add one to your order. 


Satellite Phone SIM Cards

Here you can order a new SIM card for the various satellite phones that are on the market today. The lead time for delivery is 3-5 days. Note that Inmarsat SIM cards from Ashbury never die, so even if it is long after the expiry of your Inmarsat airtime on our SIM card, you can easily revive it by simply doing a top-up elsewhere in our web shop. Iridium SIM cards die 270 days after the expiry of your previous airtime. 


Satellite Phone Airtime Contracts

Here you can find airtime contracts for all the major Iridium and Inmarsat phones on the market today. Simply sign up for your contract and we carry on billing your card on a monthly basis. Any Inmarsat SIM card from ourselves can easily be reactivated with one of our on-line contracts, however you will always need a new Iridium contract SIM card to start using our Iridium contracts. 


Satellite Phone Support

Users with SIM cards from Ashbury SatCom get access to a number of value added services for which you can sign up below. 


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