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We were the first company to sell satellite phones on the internet here in South Africa almost a decade ago, and we remain South Africa’s leading online satellite phone retailer today.


Satellite Phones for Sale

Here you can see our range of fully global Iridium satellite phones and the semi global Inmarsat satellite phones. The Inmarsat phones can be used right around the globe except the north and south pole, whereas the Iridium phones work at the Polar Regions as well.


Rent Satellite Phones & Hotspots

Here you can rent the latest model Inmarsat iSatPhone 2 satellite phone which offers superior signal performance, ease of use, long battery life, and GPS with automated tracking features. Alternatively if you need internet access on your travels, then the  or Inmarsat iSatHub satellite WiFi HotSpot is what you need. The Inmarsat satellite phones and WiFi HotSpots will work anywhere around the globe except the polar regions.


Buy Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspots

Satellite WiFi HotSpots enables rather elegant internet access via satellite, however there is a major distinction between the products below to be aware of: the Inmarsat HotSpots offers fast internet but cannot be used at sea. The Iridium GO on the other hand can be used at sea but gives a very slow, rudimentary data connection that is only suited for plain text emailing.


Quick Satellite Phone Comparison

Inmarsat iSatPhone 2

The iSatPhone 2 has superseded the iSatPhone Pro. The biggest difference between the iSatPhone Pro and the iSatPhone 2 is in their signal performance: the iSatPhone 2 gets much better signal, registers on the network way faster, and also offers improved call quality.

Other improvements made in the iSatPhone 2 is: you get 160 hours of standby time, an assistance button, automated GPS tracking features, a high visibility display, IP65 ruggedness (can withstand water jets), and the ability to receive calls with its antenna stowed away. iSatPhone 2 also comes with a pouch/holster in the box which is an optional accessory with the Pro.

We provide our customers access to a facility (a web app) whereby their friends and colleagues can send free text messages to their iSatPhone. This is (not only free but) also a very practical solution to communicate with you, since the majority of satellite phone users will not keep their satellite phone witched on all day long.

Data capability on iSatPhone Pro however leaves much to be desired, and we do not recommend it for data applications at all. There are various bits of hardware and software from our competitors that claim to make good on this situation, but do yourself a favour and rather buy something that we recommend for data applications.

Iridium 9575 Extreme

The Iridium 9575 Extreme is at the top end of the spectrum of available choices in terms of a handheld satellite phone. Most notably the Iridium network offers truly global coverage, making it a very safe bet for people needing a phone that they can be sure will work no matter where they may travel in future.

The Iridium Extreme is very tough and almost completely waterproof – it will quite happily survive a dunk in the ocean. Iridium Extreme’s programmable SOS button was a first in the industry, albeit quickly imitated in some or other ways by its rivals, with the majority of satellite phones on the market now offering SOS features of some sort.

The Iridium Extreme contains free basic tracking features for consumers, as well as a more advanced ‘professional’ tracking service (see optional subscription in our shop) with web based management portal for companies wishing to track and monitor workers.

The Iridium Extreme offers a far more ‘usable’ data connection than iSatPhone Pro, but in order to get that users need to buy the optional Iridium ‘AxcessPoint’ accessory (see our shop). The Iridium AxcessPoint is supplied with an app for laptops and smartphone devices called Mail & Web, which is an email and light web browsing application – extremely handy for exchanging small emails and light web browsing.


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