Iridium Satellite Phone Airtime Contracts

/ month and a $30.00 sign-up fee

Monthly voice subscriptions for handheld Iridium satellite phones.


Iridium Satellite Phone Airtime Contracts

These are our easy pay-monthly voice subscriptions for all handheld Iridium satellite phones with out of bundle charges for data calls.

All of our Iridium voice subscriptions comes with monthly usage allowances, and out of bundle fees for any overages. We offer subscriptions of 10,  75, and 150 minutes respectively.

Note that you need an Iridium contract SIM card from Ashbury SatCom to use our Iridium subscriptions, and you can find them from the relevant section in our web shop.

If you’re ready to sign up, just add your subscription to your cart and goto checkout, and we’ll carry on billing your card for your monthly service and any out of bundle usage from there on.

***Note that you cannot buy subscriptions with your Iridium phone – they must be bought in separate transactions.

Iridium Out of Bundle Charges
Iridium 10 Minute Voice & Data Subscription
  • $1.50 per minute for voice and data calls.
  • $0.50 per SMS text.
Iridium 75 Minute Voice & Data Subscription
  • $1.35 per minute for voice and data calls.
  • $0.50 per SMS text.
Iridium 150 Minute Voice & Data Subscription
  • $1.05 per minute for voice and data calls.
  • $0.00 per SMS text.

***All rates above are quoted excluding VAT.

Iridium Subscription Billing Terms
  • Our Iridium subscription billing runs are synchronized to the 10th of every month, which means payment will be taken from your bank card on the 10th of every month.
  • When you sign up you will pay a portion of the subscription fee for the first month, which is calculated from the date you sign up until the next billing run.
  • The minimum contract duration is 12 billing months, meaning from the 10th of the month in which you sign up to the 9th of the same month the following year. You can cancel your subscription at any time after after that.
  • After the initial subscription period, subscriptions can easily be canceled from within the My Account section on our website.
  • Subscriptions that are terminated prior to the end of the minimum contract term shall incur early termination charges equivalent to the rest of the term.
  • While subscription fees are prorated in the month of activation, in the month of deactivation a full month’s subscription fee is payable.
  • Unless canceled your subscription will automatically continue on a month to month basis after the initial minimum subscription period, until canceled.
Iridium Subscription Payment Terms
  • You agree to make sure there is sufficient funds in your bank card for the subscription and usage fees that we will bill to it during the life of your subscription.
  • Should a subscription payment fail for whatever reason you agree that we may suspend your service with immediate effect, and that you’ll be liable for any outstanding charges on your account.
  • We reserve the right to monitor your usage and charge your card at any time of the month for any high usage we see, and failed payments for high usage may result in service suspension.
  • If you’re worried about service continuity in case of failed payments, you can leave up to 3 different bank cards in the payment methods section under my-account on our website.
  • Our subscription prices are subject to $US exchange rates and therefore your actual monthly charge may be adjusted from time to time.