Iridium GO Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot

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The Iridium GO Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot runs on the Iridium satellite network and provides your devices with a 24 kbps narrowband internet connection.


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Iridium GO Satellite WiFi HotSpot

The Iridium GO Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot runs on the Iridium satellite network and provides your devices with satellite phone call and data capabilities.

The Iridium GO is great for voice calls, plain text emails, GRIB file weather reports, the odd photo attachment – and even has GPS/tracking and SOS.

However note that, at only around 24kbps Iridium GO’s narrowband satellite data connection is extremely slow and useless for web browsing.

That said, it comes with a very nice e-mail app called Mail and Web which is great for sending and receiving plain text emails and attachments.

Up to 5 different users can install the Iridium GO apps on their smartphones, for simultaneously sending and receiving emails via Iridium GO.

All the smartphones connected to Iridium GO can make voice calls, just not simultaneously. Incoming calls ring on all phones for anyone to answer.

We offer an All-You-Can-Eat subscription for Iridium GO which is great for 1, even more so if you’re going to be sharing you GO with others.

Being a device that runs on the Iridium network, it will work anywhere on earth including seas, airways, mountains, and the polar regions.

Download the Iridium GO Brochure.

2 reviews for Iridium GO Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot

  1. Charles Brookson

    Always wonder about the risks as an early adopter!: Got one of these and have used the Android applications, registered for a Email address and followed the instructions to download the Go! Application, Email and Web and XWeb (Firefox). Found when I changed the password on Email it did not change for receive, so I had to erase and reload Email. You can arrange for it to collect Email from other accounts, or just forward to your address.

    Now all is working well. I can send SMS, GPS positions, Email, Facebook (with pictures), Twitter and get weather reports. A few rough edges but it all works …… although it is quite slow – which is my only gripe with it at present. However I’ve heard Iridium may give the GO a bandwidth upgrade on its new network launching in 2016.

    The ordering process and support was very good from Ashbury Satcomm.

  2. Peter Owens

    Bought one of these as the iSatHUb does not work at sea. I knew Iridium GO! is MUCH slower than the iSatHub but for a skipper out at sea with limited data usage that wasn’t much of a concern for me. We installed the GO with a mast mounted antenna above deck and the Iridium GO below deck. This cost us far less than an Iridium phone with docking station would have cost, and we can all use the GO wirelessly from our mobile phones. The Iridium apps for sending texts and makign voice calls are quite nice too.

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Iridium GO Coverage Map

Iridium Satellite Phone Network Coverage

Iridium is the only satellite network offering truly global coverage including all landmasses, oceans and airways.

Iridium GO Key-Features

  • Narrowband satellite data connection for smartphones and tablets
  • Global coverage of the Iridium network means GO works worldwide
  • Specialized data connection useless for general web browsing.
  • Great for GRIB files, voice calls, and plain text emails
  • Free Mail & Web app for sending compressed plain text emails
  • GPS with SOS for position reporting and emergencies
  • Only 295 Grams and measures 4.5″x 3.25″ x 1.25″
  • Extremely durable IP65 and Military Spec 810F
  • All Apple and Android devices are supported

Iridium GO Maritime Benefits

  • Unlike the Inmarsat satellite wi-fi Hotspots which only work on land, Iridium GO works anywhere on land, at sea and in the air.
  • Iridium GO can be fully and easily integrated with the brilliant QTVLM grib file viewer and navigation app for sailing boats.
  • Slow as Iridium GO’s data connection is, it is still better than that you will get from any handheld phone, especially with its apps.
  • Iridium GO doesn’t require a docking station to be used below deck as handheld satphones do, hence far more practical and versatile.
  • There is a very nice optional ‘Fixed Installation Kit’ with fixed mast antenna for your vessel, available elsewhere in our web shop.
  • We offer an all-you-can-eat contract subscription for Iridium GO which gives you unlimited data calls at a fixed small monthly fee.
  • Iridium GO is only slightly larger than a box of cigarettes, and so carrying it around or mounting on different places on a boat is very easy.
  • Iridium GO is very easy to use: the user simply lifts the antenna which powers up the Iridium GO and starts broadcasting its Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Up to a handful of smartphones or tablets can connect to Iridium GO at once on a vessel to make calls and send emails via satellite.
  • Iridium GO comes with an in-built SOS button which sends out a distress call with your location to a pre-programmed emergency centre.

Iridium GO Applications

Recommended for:

  • Making satellite voice calls on smartphones and tablets.
  • Sending plain-text emails with the free Mail & Web app
  • GRB files and navigation with the QTVLM app
  • Multitude of benefits in the marine environment

Usage Observations:

  • Works anywhere on land, sea, and air so long as the antenna can see the Iridium satellites.
  • Particularly suitable for aircraft and boats, though not formally approved for use in Aircraft
  • Requires set-up of the Iridium Mail & Web and QTVLM apps which have approx a 2hrs learning curve

Not recommended for:

  • General internet browsing since Iridium GO is not a broadband product.

Iridium GO Airtime Options

Note that we offer an all-you-can-eat contract subscription for Iridium GO which gives you unlimited data calls at a fixed monthly fee, and migrations between pre-paid and contract isn’t possible – requiring a new SIM card, so consider your needs carefully before making a choice.

Iridium GO Box-Contents

  • Iridium GO
  • Iridium GO SIM Card
  • Mains Charger + Plug Kit
  • Vehicle Charger
  • Built-in Battery
  • USB Cable
  • User Guide

Iridium GO Video