iSavi iSatHub Inmarsat Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot

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The iSavi iSatHub Inmarsat Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot runs on the Inmarsat satellite network and provides your devices with a 384 kbps internet connection.


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iSavi iSatHub Satellite WiFi HotSpot

The iSavi iSatHub Inmarsat Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot runs on the Inmarsat satellite network and provides your devices with a 384 kbps internet connection.

Being a device that runs on the Inmarsat network the iSatHub will provide you with mobile satellite internet anywhere on land except the polar regions.

The iSavi iSatHub Inmarsat Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot is manufactured by a Singaporean company called AddValue and is aimed at the more price conscious buyer.

Satellite wi-fi hotspots provide you with mobile satellite internet by creating a wireless link between the satellite network and your Windows, Apple, and Android devices.

In addition to providing mobile satellite internet connectivity the iSavi iSatHub Inmarsat Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot can also be used for making satellite voice calls.

The free iSatHub apps that are available in your favourite app stores helps you establish the satellite connection of your iSatHub and make voice calls.

Ashbury SatCom offers a free firewall that can on request be configured to restrict certain types of traffic from your iSatHub to minimise your airtime usage.

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4 reviews for iSavi iSatHub Inmarsat Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot

  1. Craig Airey

    So I was one of the lucky customers to have received my Isathub before the official launch date. It takes a while to get your mind around how these devices work but they’re really brilliant. I have an app on my Android that controls the Isathub, gets it to establish a satellite internet connection and then passes that connection to my Android via WiFi so that my android can use the internet anywhere on earth. It works with my windows laptop too and the speeds are very impressive. Simple and easy to use. Oh and the airtime packages from Ashbury are by far the best I have found anywherte.

  2. Neranjan Dickson

    After the initial start-up problems were fixed the IsatHub device worked perfectly well. I was very impressed with it and have recommended to my colleagues that we continue to use it in future. Thank you very much for your support whilst I was away. Neranjan Dickson | Complex Information Technology Manager
    Desroches Island Seychelles | Alphonse Island Seychelles

  3. Carl and Charmaine Chant

    The isat hub allows us to keep in contact with our office and check on family and friends while “off the grid” (out of mobile phone coverage). After the initial setup it takes less than five minutes to set up and start communicating. All apps on our Android phones work well through the hub. We use WhatsApp to send messages and the isat app to make calls – call quality is not great but it is okay and better than landlines in some remote parts of Southern Africa. When travelling even in Kruger Park cell coverage is not everywhere and the hub enables one to call from anywhere should help be needed. We highly recommend the isat hub, especially for the data capabilities. Ashbury SatCom directors have always been available and helpful, always ready to answer questions and give advice.

  4. Anton Roos

    I used my hub extensively in very remote locations in Namib desert etc. No problems at all, we connected several different iphones, androids etc. to it and it worked without a glitch. Used the isat app to make calls, though not as clear as a Satphone, it was clear enough and worked well. Easy to operate, very usefull.

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iSavi iSatHub Coverage Map


This map shows the coverage of Inmarsat’s geo-stationary satellites, situated 39 000km above the equator. Only the north and south poles are not covered, and the coverage at the edge of the coverage nearby the polar regions isn’t guaranteed.

iSavi iSatHub Key-Features

  • Entry level satellite voice and data capabilities for smartphones, tablets, and laptops
  • Semi-global coverage of the Inmarsat network – works everywhere except the polar regions
  • Free apps in Apple & Android stores to manage the iSavi Inmarsat iSatHub terminal
  • Download speed 384kbps, upload speed 240kbps
  • Dedicated high quality voice line
  • Extremely durable IP65 – happily works in the rain
  • Battery life: 2.5 hours of continuous transmissions.
  • Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot has a 30meter/100feet range
  • Standard 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • 175mm x175mm x30mm
  • 900 grams

iSavi iSatHub Applications

Recommended for:

  • iSatHub can be used with Apple, Android, and Windows devices.
  • Most consumer apps that people use on their smartphones and tablets will work.

Usage Observations:

  • The flat part of the Inmarsat iSatHub is its satellite antenna. It needs to remain pointed towards the satellite for operation.
  • Due to the aforementioned the Explorer 510 Inmarsat BGAN is not suitable for use on vessels except with a gimbal.
  • Apple and MAC users will use the free iSatHub apps to manage the iSatHub’s internet connection and make voice calls.
  • Windows users will manage the iSatHub using its built-in management web page, and use Skype for voice calls.


  • iSavi iSatHub terminals support 384kbps download speeds.

Not recommended for:

  • Time critical applications and large downloads.
  • Video calls and video conferencing.

iSavi Inmarsat iSatHub Airtime Options

While our pre-paid vouchers for the Inmarsat iSatHub Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot presents a relatively cheap way of loading a bit of airtime as and when needed, our monthly subscription options offer significantly cheaper charges per megabyte.

Note that, as with all our our satellite wi-fi hotspots, Ashbury SatCom offers a free network firewall that can, on request, be configured to restrict certain types of traffic from your wi-fi hotspot in order to minimise your airtime usage.

iSavi iSatHub Box-Contents

  • iSavi iSatHub terminal
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • iSatHub micro SIM Card
  • iSavi iSathub Carry Bag
  • Mains Charger + Plug Kit
  • iSavi Manual & quick start guide

iSavi iSatHub Video

***The video below features the new Inmarsat iSatPhone 2 as well as the iSavi iSatHub